I’m starting something new.

Hey there!

Due to some thought and requests from many friends and past clients, I have started to change my social media photography persona a little. I want to give you a deeper insight into my life because:

1. I feel like sh*t is always going down and I should have my own reality TV show;


2. Because I want to be able to relate to my viewers on a more personal level. And what better way to do it through words and images.

I’ll show you a glimpse of my fashion, my latest hobbies and photographic experiences with clients and brands. I want to guarantee that this stays a success however It will only be that way with plentiful subscribers. Soooo, to make this a set-in-stone project I am offering the first 20 subscribers $50 off their first photo shoot with me. I know, very generous but I love what I do.

Hit the crap out of that subscription button to receive your offer my gems.

With love,

Mariam x

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